Friday, April 14, 2006

Wow, according to I am ranked 4073 out of 4081! And out of all those below me, only ONE has no miles reported! I haven't reported all my true miles since first of all I thought I'd look pathetic putting down .8, second of all Benji doesn't have a puter so I don't have official tally though I know what our road is. Anyway, it is good to know that perhaps others are struggling along with me. Out here isolated, reading journals of people who do races, going to the bike shop where all the shoppers/employees are svelt and atheletic looking, it is very lonely!

I'm on the outside looking in for the first time in my life. And believe me, it is a good thing! How you ask? It is good because I am actually out there now where I notice these things! Before I was in my own little world, staying fat, using excuses as to why I am fat. Yes, I am a little uncomfortable in the bike shops and such. I feel a little strange. No one says anything, there isn't even the "look" so it may all be in my head. I mean, I don't walk through life as a fat person, I am that out of touch with reality. I will say, when I bought my mtn bike at Scheels in Eau Claire, that guy was very helpful. He pushed the bike I have and I was leery to say the least as I had never heard of Giant. Now I see on other websites of folks who are big, Giants are more common because they are built to handle bigger folks. The guy at the Scheels didn't say this outright (being polite although I let him know I was concerned about it) and I went with my gut and test ride and am very pleased with my new bike.

I do need a new seat or post or whatever on Benji though as I like to switch bikes every other day to give my knees a break. The darn seat is rocking on me again. My son says it is stripped. I wonder if it can be replaced or if I have to buy a whole new seat. If so I want a woman's saddle, just a bit wider on the butt bone area. I'll go back to Scheels because I liked the nonjudgemental service plus I get 10% off of anything I buy for a year.

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