Saturday, April 08, 2006

Route training has taken over my life but now I am on the downslope of that and back on the bikes. Yes, I purchased tubes for Benji and have been taking him for a ride. One of these days I need to leave the dogs behind so I can get onto the paved road. He still rides great and it is easier than it had been. Progress.

I got a letter from my bank yesterday saying I have too much activity in my savings acct. I've been using it for PayPal rather than keeping a balance (not selling anything to help fill it). What a joke. Reminds me when I was a young mom and broke. I had $25.00 in my savings acct. and needed it to pay a bill. When I went to the bank they told me my acct. was empty because there had been no activity so they charged me monthly. What a ripoff. I had no money to conduct activity with so they "stole" it all.

Well, they are going to be real happy with me because I already have done my six allowments for this month and have two more I need to do. I hate banks. The mattress is looking much better. If only I could hook PayPal up to it.

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