Friday, April 14, 2006

One thing that is a bummer out here is the lack of company for riding. I did almost fall over the other day when I saw my neighbor on a bike. She is a short little thing and as round as tall so that gave me hope. Problem with being around her is that all she wants to discuss is religion, her's to be precise thus I do try and avoid her beyond the polite wave, chit chat and the such.

So I started to look for other's. I know somewhere on these dusty back roads and miles of field, farms and woods there is another big lady wanting to ride a bike! I found two "local" clubs, under the loose definition of local out here, both over an hour away. One is a racing club so that one is out for me (although I'm thinking I can volunteer to help at races and such) and the other is the Wausau Wheelers who claim they take all kinds of riders. I'm thinking for $10 is it worth joining just to learn who else is there? I mean, I am not going on any rides at this point as it would take me longer to drive there than I'd be on my bike (lol) but it may be incentive. And again, the idea I can volunteer and learn.

I also subscribed to Bicycling magazine which also is now giving a free years subscription to Mountain Bike magazine too so I'll have all these things to look at and read/dream about. Last issue, man there is a great shot I would love to paint. The only problem with the magazines is that there are very few women in them which is discouraging. But I have only seen one issue of each so really cannot judge it on that.

We need a women's biking magazine! One that encompasses the whole gamut from racers to folks like me. It could have success stories, poetry, discuss the spiritual side of riding and balancing a full life. Wouldn't that be fun? And lots of pictures of women of all types. Advertising geared towards women's products, making it more lucritive for manufacturers to create items specificaly for women...big women too!

Yes, I can see it. I'm going to call it "Wheel Women".

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sprouted said...

I got back into cycling after a year and a half hiatus. The person I used to bike with isn't in my life anymore, so I joined a team for the MS 150 in my area. They are a great group of people and we do a team ride one day a week. Aside from my coworker and her boyfriend who joined, I'm the baby of the group. Although one of the guys who is in his 50's whips my butt every weekend! But I know what you mean; I really don't like riding along, but so far that's what I have been doing on my non-team rides. Maybe you will start seeing the same people on a route and you can meet up with other people that way?