Saturday, April 08, 2006

I took Benji my road bike out for a run today along with my two dogs. One of these days I need to leave the dogs home since I am now able to ride to the highway and back comfortably. I can't run the dogs on the highway as I don't trust them, especially Ty (upper left on top and looking away on bottom picture. The other one is Tex, my doggie soul mate.) since he doesn't always listen. He was a pound dog and I got him at seven months of age. A very trying pup he is but we are bonding slowly but surely.

Anyway, it was a short but nice ride and the dogs got in a good run. I'm hoping tomorrow to leave the dogs home and attempt some of the highway itself. That will be smooth sailing except heading east has a long slight grade and heading west is a huge hill! Guess which way I will be going???

Look at these old St. Vincent de Paul squishy handle bar covers. After I saw the pink handle bar tape I've been dreaming of it. Do you think it would look stupid on a pearl blue bike? It might.


sprouted said...

What beautiful dogs you have! I would love to have a dog that could keep up with me when I bike, but I don't ride in areas where that would be feasible (nor do I have the time to properly care for a dog).

On the handle bar tape... I've seen much odder things before!

-Sprout (found a link to your blog on the TE forums) :)

Shawn Kielty said...

Go for it.

Or try this -- Cloth tape and shellac, which is cool.