Monday, April 10, 2006

As I speak, I am making my bank unhappy by paying just one more auction with PayPal via my savings account. You know, they won't give me a debit card without having to go through a loan process or I'd have it hooked to my checking. But whatever. This will be the last time (promise!) and I'll go back to keeping a balance. Life goes on.

We had a family 4H bowling party yesterday afternoon. I stink at bowling but what can one expect, it is my fourth time ever going. Both games I had the lowest score and I thought I was doing good! Ha. Guess I shouldn't have looked on the card.

Anyway, that blew a big hole into my day. Neighbor gave hubby a Muscovey drake duck as it was killing all their hens. They didn't want to butcher it so instead they give it away. I don't want a duck, my dogs may tear it apart so hubby went and butchered it. Bleh. I feel bad for the poor thing. A good critter raising farmer I shall never be.

Anyway, the dogs and I took another run to the highway and back. This time I really pushed it. Oh was I wishing I had my computer on Benji so I could see how fast I was going! Or maybe it would be like the bowling score...better in the old imagination than in reality, ha! Anyway for a split second I was flying! For a few more seconds I was seventeen again...

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