Monday, March 27, 2006

Yesterday was another trial. I took Benji up the road and the seat started rocking on me. So I had my eldest son look at it (he loves to tear things apart and sometimes can even get them back together again) and said it is stripped out. So he dug out one from his bikes and put it on. Meanwhile on my way back (I forced myself to go to the highway and back) it was such tough going, I was miffed. I looked, my rear tire was low so I got off and walked him home. Now I'll need to order tubes since no one around here carries 27". So much for my riding. I tell you, that Trek 820 is looking better and better.

But I didn't let it get me down. Instead I came inside to do some laundry and sat down reading my bike magazines I picked up...mtb one and bicycling and a silent sport. I then took the dogs for a good long walk up the other way of our road which is like mud soup.

After I case mail this morning I will go order those tubes as the hardware store is only a block from the PO. I look forward to learning how to change a tube since I've never had to do it.

Meanwhile I'm going to learn me some stretches and keep walking hard.

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