Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yesterday I went to my least favorite store, Wallyworld. I try and avoid it like the plague but needed some really cheap sweatpants and shirts for the kids for their play so it was there I went since I was in the city for a tack swap. I then wandered on over to the bikes where there were several different styles. No five speeds. One no speed and the rest were at least 10. Ds insists if I'm wanting to ride on the dirt roads (like what choice do I have, 3/4 here are gravel and dirt) I need a mountain bike. I tried one and OMG, does one's butt ever get used to it? And it was no dinky seat like my bike. Like my buttkus doesn't have enough padding, it still needs more. Does one get butt calluses? Yes, it has been that long! I just can't believe I used to spend hours on a bike. 10 minutes on that and I won't be able to go on for a week.

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