Monday, March 27, 2006

Picture upload isn't working or I'd show you my new ride. Yup, I couldn't stand it so I went and bought myself a mountain bike. I rode it a good 20 minutes before deciding to take it home. It is a Giant Rincon and will do me just fine. I also took it to the highway and back on the dirt road. It is hard getting used to the shorter peddling circumference so I jacked the seat way up. Not too bad though.

I got my women's bicycling book I ordered used from an seller. I read a bit before I bought the bike. I maybe jumped the gun on the bike but so be it. I have it now and will be using it to get in shape.

Ds16 put the computer on it for me so I can see mileage, speed and calories burned (as soon as I set it up, didn't want to tell him my weight, hehe). I am only interested in the mileage anyway. Now I can keep track of it. Don't get all weepy when you see "1/2 mile", hahaha!

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Melinda said...

Hey Shasta!!

I am a former native of Wisconsin and have ridden up in Menomonie on the trails there by the river..two years ago.

I LOVE your blogs!!! contact me sometime, we're sisters in a way, both trying to lose weight and both with sons

Get er done, keep on ridin'