Saturday, March 18, 2006

How does one get titles to posts? It looks goofy on the right with half the post for the title.

Yesterday I went to KMart to pick up a few things. It isn't a decision taken lightly to go there since it is a half hour drive. It is the closest store of its type though, the rest being an hour away. Their bikes are all stocked ready for the frenzy of buying once the snow and ice leaves. I went over and looked at them all...remembering my most favoritest bike of all, my green five speed. Do they make 5 speeds anymore?

There is one "granny" bike there, fat seat, tires to match, fenders, the whole nine yards. Hmmm.

It would get me started wouldn't it.

Then I think to Benjamin. Would he feel abandoned?

I need another form of exercise though to break up my week. Walking the same dirt road and fields gets old and hiking in the forests is reserved for the weekends. I'm thinking biking would be nice. Too bad Helen moved away. She and I hit it off at the garden club meeting. She was looking for a trail bike companion and I told her if she'd be patient with me at first I'd go! Then she moved.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

I truly enjoy solo rides! They allow me to get into my own head and actually hit a meditative state! Go for it! You'll find other riders by getting out there and pedaling!

Ruby said...

Hi Shasta and welcome to the world of bloggers.

I noticed that you are considering getting a bike that will ride well on unpaved roads. I also noticed that you may be considering a KMart bike...? Mmmm. And again I noticed that you are an ex road cyclist with a 1979 bike named Benjamin (kool,I name my bikes to and he wont feel abandoned).

You may know that there are a number of companies that make touring bikes. Some of these bikes will allow you to put fenders and fat tires on them for the unpaved roads and then you can also put skinnier tires on them if you want to ride paved roads. There are also a lot of saddles to choose from that will suit your fancy or your fanny what ever the case may be.

If you have the time it would be worth it to find a local bicyle shop that will let you try the stuff out before you buy. Also for more information than you'll ever need check out: You may have to join but I found it to be a great place to learn about cycling and all the gear..

Anyway, I think it's great that you're going to ride again. I got my first bike ever in 2000 and I love cycling. Now I try to make up for all those years that I missed by riding every chance I get. Good luck to you...

Shasta said...

Thanks guys for the words of wisdom and encouragement. Our local bike shop went out of business and the only other folks I know who sell bikes and use them are the local Mennonites. They have a brand called Raleigh? I had never heard of it. I'll have to check in Wausau or Eau Claire for bike shops. In the meantime by going to Kfart and Wallyworld, I'm looking and reaquainting myself with bikes.

I had nubbier tires put on Benjamin but they just don't cut it. Also, the seat stem is too small to replace it with a seat for a real butt, LOL.