Friday, March 24, 2006

After taking the ride on Benjamin I started researching bike shops where I can get him looked at and fixed up for me. The closest I could find was in Chippewa Falls which is 40 minutes away. I needed dog food anyway and knew the hardware store carried my brand so I called them to be sure they did tunes ups and the such.

The boys came home and I explained I was running to Chippewa. Ds15 wanted to drive as tomorrow he will be driving to Eau Claire for driving training. He is scheduled to take his driver's test in April and around here there is no city driving experience to be had as we are so rural. So I thought good idea, Chippewa can be a little intimidating when you have to quickly switch lanes right over the river to get to the downtown which is where we needed to go. Then there is one way streets to negotiate to get out again.

So hubby came home and I told him my plans. He looked at Benjamin and said "Why don't you just buy a new one for $89.00!" Oh the horror! I told him if I'm buying a new bike it isn't going to be an $89.00 one! Of course he doesn't know of my secret plans of riding in a citizens race this year. (insert OMG smiley here!). I told him no I'm getting myself a good one but in the meantime I want Benjamin road ready to start with while I research bikes.

So off we went, driving went well. Then we stepped into the "candy" store. OMG...the bikes. It was overwhelming! We wheeled Benjamin in and found the shop in the rear. A wild haired kid came out and looked at the bike and said "That one?". I gasped, eyes growing large at the audacity that he'd not be excited to see such a fine example of vintage history! I hugged my bike and said YES, this is my b a b y. Poor kid didn't know what to think as he scrambled to correct his tone of voice. Hell kid, this bike is older than YOU! I told him I was joking and gave him my concerns, he gave me a kinda' sorta' pricelist and said they'd call in a week. Then ds, who is also a bike nut, asked about a rim for his Trek so we will be hauling that bike down when we pick Benji up.

After giving Benji a hug and kiss (just kidding) we went to fondle the eye candy. OMG, it has been many many years since I've been in a bike shop. Show me the mountain bikes! Ds was looking for his but found probably its replacement, a Trek 820. If that bike was in pink or yellow I'd have bought it on the spot! OMG, where are the pink and yellow bikes! I sat on that puppy, we hiked the seat up (I'm near 6ft tall so always had men's bikes as a teenager) and I said yah, this will do. Big fat glorious tire, short frame...damn, they need pink (or yellow).

I looked at the biking shorts and cool clothing, looked for handlebar tape as mine needs replacing. Picked up a Silent Sports magazine and headed home.

Bike talk all the way home. This time it is different for me. I've had Benji serviced before and then only rode a few times. This time though it is like a fever...I want to ride.

Anyway, the Dr. appt. went ok. BP is fine (I worry, have a background of it with my mom's side) though she had to mention my weight is up. So I explained the "diet" (which isn't a diet) I am on which is what put the weight on me. She knows the diet and thinks it is a good one for someone like me with lots of sugar addiction. I also told her of my biking plans and she could hear the enthusiasm in my voice. I told her if it wasn't for the head drugs (though I'd like to get off them and get high on life instead) I'd not even be considering a job or competition! God, what a totally different person I was just a year ago.

So it went well and I worried (as usual) for nothing.


Mikki said...

I love my Trek 820. It's a shorter reach for the handlebar, and not quite as much of a horizontal feeling. I've had it for a year now, and am still in love. Not too expensive either. However, I reccommend a different seat. Only my DH get to go there....

Shasta said...

Thanks for your input. I was looking at the Trek 4500 but that is about as pricey as I'd want to go about now. I didn't see any of those there but I didn't look either. Seems the seat on either is an issue as are the pedals on the 4500.

Melinda said...

Well, I looked around at the BEAU-TI-FUL PRICY BIKES at the local bike shop and knew right away I had to GET OUTTA THERE!

I bought a cheapie, and am not ashamed of it: my logic is this -- if I don't ride it, I haven't lost a lot out of my pocket. If I do like it and do well riding, I will buy one of those really nice PRICEY bikes I was drooling all over at the LBS....hubby is pleased with that logic....

After all, I have made him take my seat off three times, put the old one back on at the end of my trials and raise the stem three times and the seat twice...I am lucky he's still talking to me...

I envy anybody who can persuade their hubby to let them buy a really expensive nice bike. I think I have to earn mine because hubby doesn't believe I will stick to it......I'll show him!!