Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have run into quite the problem. The "insta-adjust" seat on my bike doesn't like to stay where I need it. So riding down the road and oops, she slips down to kiddie height. Dammit. So I had been riding Ben but the narrow tires just do not handle these roads and I am going broke on tubes.


Friday, April 28, 2006

May is biking month. I forget the date but there is a commuting week and a commuting day to encourage bicycle commuting. I think it is great and would love to do it but because I use my car in my line of work (delivering mail) I need my car.

Then I am thinking I could perhaps park the car behind the PO on the one day and ride there. My biggest fear is someone will steal my gas and I need my gas to run my route. Silly huh but it this day of high gas prices a quarter tank of gas just may be a temptation.

But I am thinking on it...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally! A day without 25 mile and hour winds! I got home from doing route early and headed out on the bike. I need to get another computer so I can track my mile(s) *snicker* on the road bike. I felt like I could go forever today with no wind to fight! But 60 is too warm for me so I may have to change to earlier in the morning.

Friday, April 21, 2006

In my biking and k-route dilerium last week I stumbled upon a website called Dirt Rag. It is a mountain bike site/magazine that also celebrates ART and literature! How cool is that? I sent for a sample issue and look forward to getting it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Today was a big day. I did the "k" route, the whole thing, all by myself. I beat the mail truck by 10 minutes! Whew! I really pushed it at the end. Next time I'll push it all the way through. I still made quite a few mistakes, but it will come eventually. I'm just glad I made it.

So I come home and took Benji for a ride since ds16 readjusted the seat for me again last night with the new seat. It is mine now. I peddled the whole road, Tex and I and it just felt real nice. My butt doesn't hurt and my knees feel the workout but not in a bad way.

I will sleep good tonight!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Today I took my bike seat in for Benji to see if I could get a new clamp to get it to quit rocking. Turns out the guy who sold me my Giant was there and asked me how I liked the bike. I told him I loved it, that I am very satisfied. I then asked about the seat for Benji and turns out the stem is too small and they don't make that small a one anymore.


Ok, so I figure I'll have to scour vintage bikes or online or call the Schwinn dealer in Marshfield and see if they can help me out.

Well, my 16 yr. old son came up with the brilliant idea of using a piece of copper pipe and attached his old seat to my bike. It worked beautifully! It was so comfortable as I ripped up the road. Pure heaven! Even the dogs had to work hard to keep up with me!

Biking is great!!!
The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community. --- Ann Strong, Minneapolis Tribune, 1895

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me."-- Emo Phillips
One thing that is a bummer out here is the lack of company for riding. I did almost fall over the other day when I saw my neighbor on a bike. She is a short little thing and as round as tall so that gave me hope. Problem with being around her is that all she wants to discuss is religion, her's to be precise thus I do try and avoid her beyond the polite wave, chit chat and the such.

So I started to look for other's. I know somewhere on these dusty back roads and miles of field, farms and woods there is another big lady wanting to ride a bike! I found two "local" clubs, under the loose definition of local out here, both over an hour away. One is a racing club so that one is out for me (although I'm thinking I can volunteer to help at races and such) and the other is the Wausau Wheelers who claim they take all kinds of riders. I'm thinking for $10 is it worth joining just to learn who else is there? I mean, I am not going on any rides at this point as it would take me longer to drive there than I'd be on my bike (lol) but it may be incentive. And again, the idea I can volunteer and learn.

I also subscribed to Bicycling magazine which also is now giving a free years subscription to Mountain Bike magazine too so I'll have all these things to look at and read/dream about. Last issue, man there is a great shot I would love to paint. The only problem with the magazines is that there are very few women in them which is discouraging. But I have only seen one issue of each so really cannot judge it on that.

We need a women's biking magazine! One that encompasses the whole gamut from racers to folks like me. It could have success stories, poetry, discuss the spiritual side of riding and balancing a full life. Wouldn't that be fun? And lots of pictures of women of all types. Advertising geared towards women's products, making it more lucritive for manufacturers to create items specificaly for women...big women too!

Yes, I can see it. I'm going to call it "Wheel Women".
Wow, according to I am ranked 4073 out of 4081! And out of all those below me, only ONE has no miles reported! I haven't reported all my true miles since first of all I thought I'd look pathetic putting down .8, second of all Benji doesn't have a puter so I don't have official tally though I know what our road is. Anyway, it is good to know that perhaps others are struggling along with me. Out here isolated, reading journals of people who do races, going to the bike shop where all the shoppers/employees are svelt and atheletic looking, it is very lonely!

I'm on the outside looking in for the first time in my life. And believe me, it is a good thing! How you ask? It is good because I am actually out there now where I notice these things! Before I was in my own little world, staying fat, using excuses as to why I am fat. Yes, I am a little uncomfortable in the bike shops and such. I feel a little strange. No one says anything, there isn't even the "look" so it may all be in my head. I mean, I don't walk through life as a fat person, I am that out of touch with reality. I will say, when I bought my mtn bike at Scheels in Eau Claire, that guy was very helpful. He pushed the bike I have and I was leery to say the least as I had never heard of Giant. Now I see on other websites of folks who are big, Giants are more common because they are built to handle bigger folks. The guy at the Scheels didn't say this outright (being polite although I let him know I was concerned about it) and I went with my gut and test ride and am very pleased with my new bike.

I do need a new seat or post or whatever on Benji though as I like to switch bikes every other day to give my knees a break. The darn seat is rocking on me again. My son says it is stripped. I wonder if it can be replaced or if I have to buy a whole new seat. If so I want a woman's saddle, just a bit wider on the butt bone area. I'll go back to Scheels because I liked the nonjudgemental service plus I get 10% off of anything I buy for a year.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ok people's...good thing you all are sitting (or if actually working on a computer standing up, sit down before reading on) but I took my MTN bike out and went 1.5 miles!!! Don't faint! LOL. Oh man, what an accomplishment! Tex came along and was such a good boy, sticking to the side of the road when on the highway. Most was dirt road (I rode our whole road and half back) and the asphalt was the slight grade side but I did it!! I'm so proud of myself!

Monday, April 10, 2006

As I speak, I am making my bank unhappy by paying just one more auction with PayPal via my savings account. You know, they won't give me a debit card without having to go through a loan process or I'd have it hooked to my checking. But whatever. This will be the last time (promise!) and I'll go back to keeping a balance. Life goes on.

We had a family 4H bowling party yesterday afternoon. I stink at bowling but what can one expect, it is my fourth time ever going. Both games I had the lowest score and I thought I was doing good! Ha. Guess I shouldn't have looked on the card.

Anyway, that blew a big hole into my day. Neighbor gave hubby a Muscovey drake duck as it was killing all their hens. They didn't want to butcher it so instead they give it away. I don't want a duck, my dogs may tear it apart so hubby went and butchered it. Bleh. I feel bad for the poor thing. A good critter raising farmer I shall never be.

Anyway, the dogs and I took another run to the highway and back. This time I really pushed it. Oh was I wishing I had my computer on Benji so I could see how fast I was going! Or maybe it would be like the bowling score...better in the old imagination than in reality, ha! Anyway for a split second I was flying! For a few more seconds I was seventeen again...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I took Benji my road bike out for a run today along with my two dogs. One of these days I need to leave the dogs home since I am now able to ride to the highway and back comfortably. I can't run the dogs on the highway as I don't trust them, especially Ty (upper left on top and looking away on bottom picture. The other one is Tex, my doggie soul mate.) since he doesn't always listen. He was a pound dog and I got him at seven months of age. A very trying pup he is but we are bonding slowly but surely.

Anyway, it was a short but nice ride and the dogs got in a good run. I'm hoping tomorrow to leave the dogs home and attempt some of the highway itself. That will be smooth sailing except heading east has a long slight grade and heading west is a huge hill! Guess which way I will be going???

Look at these old St. Vincent de Paul squishy handle bar covers. After I saw the pink handle bar tape I've been dreaming of it. Do you think it would look stupid on a pearl blue bike? It might.
Route training has taken over my life but now I am on the downslope of that and back on the bikes. Yes, I purchased tubes for Benji and have been taking him for a ride. One of these days I need to leave the dogs behind so I can get onto the paved road. He still rides great and it is easier than it had been. Progress.

I got a letter from my bank yesterday saying I have too much activity in my savings acct. I've been using it for PayPal rather than keeping a balance (not selling anything to help fill it). What a joke. Reminds me when I was a young mom and broke. I had $25.00 in my savings acct. and needed it to pay a bill. When I went to the bank they told me my acct. was empty because there had been no activity so they charged me monthly. What a ripoff. I had no money to conduct activity with so they "stole" it all.

Well, they are going to be real happy with me because I already have done my six allowments for this month and have two more I need to do. I hate banks. The mattress is looking much better. If only I could hook PayPal up to it.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh peachy, gotta' love children. I was informed at 10 pm last night that today I need to make two pies for a pie sale tonight that will go towards the band trip to Florida. Now, no hear on having to do any route today and I also need to go to town (30 miles) to pay for the kid's 4H trips. I decided to skip the spring art show, I just don't have time to finish up some. I hate to skip it but that is life.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

At one point or another I have done the whole long route as of today. Doing town takes more time and hassle than the outskirts. What a PITA. Came home to rain and I am just beat so going to take a break for today. No word on any training tomorrow which is ok by me. I can use the day off.
More casing for me this morning and then I will be doing the town delivery and then out into the boondocks to finish up the last half of the route. I have done that section before when Diane couldn't handle it all so no problem there. Plus it is my neck-o-da-woods. Once I get through casing it will be smooth sailing. I am hoping my training will be done then so I can get a break. We shall see...

Dreary gray windy day today. That doesn't add to the ambiance.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Casing sucked. Almost three hours of casing and my eyes were crossed. Sad part is there is a lot of third class left for tomorrow. I don't know how Roger does it.

I came home and collapsed. I had to go fill my perscription which is another 40 minutes out of the way before I could come home. I stopped at the grocery store too and when I left I missed the driveway and went off the curb. Am I tired? I think so!

So I came home and sat down for a half hour, then went out to play with the dogs and take my bike to the highway and back. .8 mile...whoopie doo! But it is almost a mile! Our road was freshly graded and I was bucking a head wind. Those are my excuses and I'm sticking with them. I do need a wider seat...just a woman's saddle to get both my seat bones on the seat at once! Won't that be refreshing!

But at least I rode. Pats self on back.


I need the giggle today. The stress of the new route is starting to get to me. Please send good thoughts or prayers that I don't lose it. My biggest fear is I am going to blow up on my family. Maybe they need blowing up since they are a major part of the problem. After 16 years of doing everything around here I just cannot do it all anymore. But meanwhile the dishes are piled high, floor is dirty due to all the tracked in mud and I cannot find my kitchen table at all.

It has been hard on all of us, including my dogs. My poor "pup" Ty is totally lost. Three times he's been found down by the highway so now he is kenneled. I adopted him from the Humane Society and he's pretty good about staying around with our other dog and me since I was home all the time but with me gone 9 hours a day he is just totally lost. I hate to kennel him but since once in awhile he defies me in coming when I call him I can't be taking the time to find him before I go.

I also have a list a mile long to do before Friday. Both boys are going on 4H trips which need the paperwork done and payment in by Saturday. Friday is the deadline for my art show. I get back home from route and I have all I can do to do the farm chores without trying to remember all this stuff too.

I just want to cry...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here is my new bike, compliments of imageshack since I can't get it uploaded to blogger.

I rode it on the mushy grass to where I took this picture on the other side of my garden towards the hayfield. It rides not too badly in soft grass. Would ride better with less weight I am sure. I didn't take it for a run, give my legs and butt a break today. Instead I walked horse fence, fixing several spots and then I ran the section of route I will be tested on tomorrow. It took me three hours!
I didn't sleep too well as the new mail route is weighing on my mind. I woke up at my usual time (as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, when I am closest to God) of 2:22 am and laid there thinking and thinking and mulling and telling myself to quit stressing over it. My muscles hurt somewhat from riding yesterday but it is a good ache. Even my buttsky hurts a little but I like it. Whodathunk?

I had dream that I was delivering mail in the dark and slid into a fence. I got out and hand delivered the mail and then lost the car. I wandered up and down the streets looking for it until I was exhausted. Yah, I agree, how weird.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Picture upload isn't working or I'd show you my new ride. Yup, I couldn't stand it so I went and bought myself a mountain bike. I rode it a good 20 minutes before deciding to take it home. It is a Giant Rincon and will do me just fine. I also took it to the highway and back on the dirt road. It is hard getting used to the shorter peddling circumference so I jacked the seat way up. Not too bad though.

I got my women's bicycling book I ordered used from an seller. I read a bit before I bought the bike. I maybe jumped the gun on the bike but so be it. I have it now and will be using it to get in shape.

Ds16 put the computer on it for me so I can see mileage, speed and calories burned (as soon as I set it up, didn't want to tell him my weight, hehe). I am only interested in the mileage anyway. Now I can keep track of it. Don't get all weepy when you see "1/2 mile", hahaha!
The more I look at other people's bikes the more I am thinking that mine is too big for me. They all have their seats jacked up higher than the bars. Mine is level and I wouldn't dare move it up any higher. Maybe it is too big for me! Could it be?

If so it would explain the looks I get from the kids at the bike shop. They are thinking this old lady is delusional!
Yesterday was another trial. I took Benji up the road and the seat started rocking on me. So I had my eldest son look at it (he loves to tear things apart and sometimes can even get them back together again) and said it is stripped out. So he dug out one from his bikes and put it on. Meanwhile on my way back (I forced myself to go to the highway and back) it was such tough going, I was miffed. I looked, my rear tire was low so I got off and walked him home. Now I'll need to order tubes since no one around here carries 27". So much for my riding. I tell you, that Trek 820 is looking better and better.

But I didn't let it get me down. Instead I came inside to do some laundry and sat down reading my bike magazines I picked up...mtb one and bicycling and a silent sport. I then took the dogs for a good long walk up the other way of our road which is like mud soup.

After I case mail this morning I will go order those tubes as the hardware store is only a block from the PO. I look forward to learning how to change a tube since I've never had to do it.

Meanwhile I'm going to learn me some stretches and keep walking hard.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
Bicycle races are coming your way

So forget all your duties oh yeah!
Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today
So look out for those beauties oh yeah
On your marks get set go
Bicycle race bicycle race bicycle race
Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
Bicycle bicycle bicycle
Bicycle race

Hooda thunk in 1978 when I was a spry 16 yr. old girl living on the back of a horse that this song would resonate with me so many years later? I never liked it back then, thought Queen was...well, as they say these days, gay. But now oh baby, yah. *snicker*
Benji is back. I took him for a spin to the highway and back. Adjustments are needed. I'm going to raise the handlebars up a little (if I can) and see if that helps out. Because I am overweight, it is hard to sit and bend over. If I raise the bars maybe it would ease that. I don't know. Maybe I just need a new bike, say a granny cruiser, until I'm back in bike shape. I wish there were someone to ask around here but I don't know a single soul but teenage boys who ride bikes.

It is hell being a "maverick".

Friday, March 24, 2006

After taking the ride on Benjamin I started researching bike shops where I can get him looked at and fixed up for me. The closest I could find was in Chippewa Falls which is 40 minutes away. I needed dog food anyway and knew the hardware store carried my brand so I called them to be sure they did tunes ups and the such.

The boys came home and I explained I was running to Chippewa. Ds15 wanted to drive as tomorrow he will be driving to Eau Claire for driving training. He is scheduled to take his driver's test in April and around here there is no city driving experience to be had as we are so rural. So I thought good idea, Chippewa can be a little intimidating when you have to quickly switch lanes right over the river to get to the downtown which is where we needed to go. Then there is one way streets to negotiate to get out again.

So hubby came home and I told him my plans. He looked at Benjamin and said "Why don't you just buy a new one for $89.00!" Oh the horror! I told him if I'm buying a new bike it isn't going to be an $89.00 one! Of course he doesn't know of my secret plans of riding in a citizens race this year. (insert OMG smiley here!). I told him no I'm getting myself a good one but in the meantime I want Benjamin road ready to start with while I research bikes.

So off we went, driving went well. Then we stepped into the "candy" store. OMG...the bikes. It was overwhelming! We wheeled Benjamin in and found the shop in the rear. A wild haired kid came out and looked at the bike and said "That one?". I gasped, eyes growing large at the audacity that he'd not be excited to see such a fine example of vintage history! I hugged my bike and said YES, this is my b a b y. Poor kid didn't know what to think as he scrambled to correct his tone of voice. Hell kid, this bike is older than YOU! I told him I was joking and gave him my concerns, he gave me a kinda' sorta' pricelist and said they'd call in a week. Then ds, who is also a bike nut, asked about a rim for his Trek so we will be hauling that bike down when we pick Benji up.

After giving Benji a hug and kiss (just kidding) we went to fondle the eye candy. OMG, it has been many many years since I've been in a bike shop. Show me the mountain bikes! Ds was looking for his but found probably its replacement, a Trek 820. If that bike was in pink or yellow I'd have bought it on the spot! OMG, where are the pink and yellow bikes! I sat on that puppy, we hiked the seat up (I'm near 6ft tall so always had men's bikes as a teenager) and I said yah, this will do. Big fat glorious tire, short frame...damn, they need pink (or yellow).

I looked at the biking shorts and cool clothing, looked for handlebar tape as mine needs replacing. Picked up a Silent Sports magazine and headed home.

Bike talk all the way home. This time it is different for me. I've had Benji serviced before and then only rode a few times. This time though it is like a fever...I want to ride.

Anyway, the Dr. appt. went ok. BP is fine (I worry, have a background of it with my mom's side) though she had to mention my weight is up. So I explained the "diet" (which isn't a diet) I am on which is what put the weight on me. She knows the diet and thinks it is a good one for someone like me with lots of sugar addiction. I also told her of my biking plans and she could hear the enthusiasm in my voice. I told her if it wasn't for the head drugs (though I'd like to get off them and get high on life instead) I'd not even be considering a job or competition! God, what a totally different person I was just a year ago.

So it went well and I worried (as usual) for nothing.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

First Ride

I loaded Benjamin into the trunk and headed off to case mail for two hours. Such fun playing find the slot with 200 addresses that mainly do not have rhyme or reason in their order. But I like it. The others are pestering me trying to get me to work even slower but I just give it back to them.

I then filled the bike's tires and headed home. After I unloaded, the dogs and I took a ride to the mailbox. Guess what? I have no brakes! And the chain keeps jumping, not off, just like it is missing or something. We rode down to the highway and back. Now to find a place that will repair and replace what needs to be done to get it back on the road.

Best news is my butt survived!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mail route was really long, a nine hour day for us. It was a lot of fun though as Roger and I drove around chatting and delivering. It is going to be awhile to learn that route (111.6 miles) but it will come.

Tomorrow I will go case flats (magazines and large envelopes) in the other Post Office and when I'm done, fill Benjamin's tires since my son can't find the chuck for the air compressor. Weather has gotten pretty nasty anyway, nothing a old newbie wants to start riding in. But it is to get nice.

I bought an odometer and will put it on tomorrow also.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I asked my son to fill up Benjamin's back tire so I don't have to haul him to a gas station. He says in his authoratative 16 year old voice, "Are you going to ride it?". Hmm, in the first place it is a him and yes I am going to ride him, even if it is just to the end of the driveway and back (we have a long dirt driveway which matches the long dirt roads of this rural community we call home). One must start somewhere even if it is only 1/2 mile. And who knows, if my butt cheeks don't explode maybe I shall turn left and go to the highway adding another 1/2 mile onto the "trek". But first he needs to put air into that tire and I don't want to fuddle with the compressor and that darn hose that is lost in the mud somewhere. Turns out he is the one that let the air out of the tire for whatever reason.

I have a drs. appt on Thursday which I am dreading. I've gained 9lbs since last year and all that has come in the last 2.5 months since I started the "alcoholic's" diet. It is actually one that eventually eliminates sugar and simple carbs from one's diet. It was developed for alcoholics of which my father is one, my mom is a breadaholic and I'm the one kid who has inhereted all those lovely genes and habits (of course the other kids have their issues like eating disorders and type A personality w/depression etc.). Rather than turn to drugs or alcohol my drug of choice is food and freakin' Diet Pepsi. BAH! So along with that I'm sure I'm in line for the high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes just like good old Mom. Dad, who is pickled, is on no drugs whatsover but booze. Why couldn't I get those genes????

Anyway, I had panic attacks and my Dr. at the time put me on a generic form of prozac. The package says up to 6 weeks to be totally effective. In perfect form of my slower than normal body, it took me three months. But since then my whole life has changed and I haven't been this happy and productive since I was a little girl! I have gotten a job I love (mail carrier), have worked through much of the issues I had with growing up in an alcoholic family, have delved into my spirituality, am painting more than ever and have become the Mom I wanted to be! So is it good? Yes! Meanwhile the diet I am on is to eventually get me off this head drug. Most people get off of step one within a month or month and a half (eating breakfast until it is a habit) but par the usual for me, I am on my second month and it still ain't habit so will keep plugging on. So it will take me longer. So what.

Meanwhile I am searching for lesser calorie yet high protein foods for breakfast. Did you know fat free cottage cheese has more protein that the others? Now if only I could find a huge container of it like I can of the regular. I need to eat 42 grams of protein at each meal. That is A LOT. But since starting it I have no cravings, no blood sugar fluctuation. Life is good. Now I just need to get rid of this weight.

Shoot, air chuck is in hubby's truck...will have to wait until tonight.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Here is my boy, lame on the rear but I'll get him pumped up. I had him stored in the barn over winter. I looked up the serial number just to see if I was right. Benjamin was created August of 1979. My brother has his black twin or at least used to. Years ago he asked me if I wanted it then changed his mind.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yesterday I went to my least favorite store, Wallyworld. I try and avoid it like the plague but needed some really cheap sweatpants and shirts for the kids for their play so it was there I went since I was in the city for a tack swap. I then wandered on over to the bikes where there were several different styles. No five speeds. One no speed and the rest were at least 10. Ds insists if I'm wanting to ride on the dirt roads (like what choice do I have, 3/4 here are gravel and dirt) I need a mountain bike. I tried one and OMG, does one's butt ever get used to it? And it was no dinky seat like my bike. Like my buttkus doesn't have enough padding, it still needs more. Does one get butt calluses? Yes, it has been that long! I just can't believe I used to spend hours on a bike. 10 minutes on that and I won't be able to go on for a week.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

How does one get titles to posts? It looks goofy on the right with half the post for the title.

Yesterday I went to KMart to pick up a few things. It isn't a decision taken lightly to go there since it is a half hour drive. It is the closest store of its type though, the rest being an hour away. Their bikes are all stocked ready for the frenzy of buying once the snow and ice leaves. I went over and looked at them all...remembering my most favoritest bike of all, my green five speed. Do they make 5 speeds anymore?

There is one "granny" bike there, fat seat, tires to match, fenders, the whole nine yards. Hmmm.

It would get me started wouldn't it.

Then I think to Benjamin. Would he feel abandoned?

I need another form of exercise though to break up my week. Walking the same dirt road and fields gets old and hiking in the forests is reserved for the weekends. I'm thinking biking would be nice. Too bad Helen moved away. She and I hit it off at the garden club meeting. She was looking for a trail bike companion and I told her if she'd be patient with me at first I'd go! Then she moved.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I'm Shasta and I thought I would start my own blog after reading several others here. I find them really interesting and motivating although I don't know if I will ever ride a bike again (bicyclists). I used to love my bike because I would imagine it to be my horse since I couldn't have a real one. I still have my old steed though I don't ride it much as it is a road bike and we now live on dirt roads. It is a Schwinn from (get this) 1979! "His" name is Benjamin. Benjamin should be retired and I should get myself something for gravel, dirt and with a fat assed seat to match my own!

I will tell you though, three summers ago I was traveling to an art workshop I was taking. It was early morning, driving up and down the country back roads when I crested a hill and there it was...a gloriously green Trek racing bike, smack dab in the middle of the road! Just laying there! I jumped out and picked it up, feeling the smoothness, the lightness, taking in the beauty of such a fine gift. It had two towels wrapped around the tires and forks of which I am assuming it had been tied down. I had passed someone in a truck with furniture in the back.

It was a difficult decision as I loaded that beauty into my trunk. I turned the car around and started heading back the way the truck was going. They must have suspected something because they had pulled over a ways up. I pulled up to them and asked if it was their bike which it was.

That was my good deed for the day.